I am a Grandma 

This post is dedicated to my sister, Molly, for being a fellow grandma (she’s also an old soul). Love you Molly. 

“Don’t get stuck behind us on our Sunday drive…”

It takes more than just staying in on a Friday night to claim you are a grandma. Being a grandma is a state of mind and a way of life. I genuinely struggle to find things in common with people my own age…besides our birthdates. Every once in a while I will go out on the town (or to the big city) to try and fit in with people my own age. The night goes like this: I have one drink (Tanqueray and seltzer) in the time it takes everyone else to have five, I plug my ears because the music is too loud (and weird), I smile and nod and then I leave at 10 (okay sometimes later, but I’m sleeping on the dance floor at 10). 

Adam and I sleep in until 8:00am on the weekends and take our weiner dog on a family walk (aww we’re so cute). Don’t get stuck behind us on our Sunday drive, because we like to go at least five under the speed limit – oh, and we stop when there’s wildlife. This, and the reasons below, are why I am a self-proclaimed -and proud- grandma at age 26. 

18 Reasons Why  I am a Grandma:

1) I drink hot tea at the bar. 

2) Always be good to your feet. Danskos and Clarks fill my closet because practical shoes are important.

3) I got to bed at 8:00 pm – 9 or 10 on the weekends. Being in bed at a resonable hour is cool. Having your entire Sunday for activities is also cool.

4) I listen to talk radio every morning on my way to work, and every evening on my way home. Jay Weber teaches me all I need to know about the world.

5) I love to bake and have a lovely floral apron (thanks Molly). Even though I can’t eat anything, some of my favorite things to bake are silver dollar sugar cookies and bread (I cheat with my bread maker, but I might put to use everything I’ve learned on The Great Brittish Bake Off soon). 

6) Eileen Fisher is another staple of mine. Comfortable, classic, and chic, there’s nothing better than being frumpterable like the Olsen Twins. 

7) Spring is for planting. Last year I planted seven sunflowers from seeds that grew over six feet tall. My pride and joy. Of course there were herbs and lettuce planted as well. 

8) I don’t know what hmu means. Adam asked me what smh means last week. His is my grandpa soulmate. 

9) I don’t like when restaurants play music too loud and you can’t have a good conversation. 

10) I always smell like rose from my essential oils hand balm. 

11) I wash my hair once each week (you know, like when ladies get their hair set). 

12) I cannot do any exercise besides restorative yoga and walking. My hips almost broke hiking to Tumalo Falls last week because I was slipping in the slushy snow. Thinking about starting a neighborhood power walk with 3 lb weights. 

13) I have no idea how to work social media. I tried twitter once and thought I was funny, but I don’t think I ever really understood the concept. 

14) If I am going to watch a movie, I refuse to pay $20 to get in to a theatre and then not be able to pause when I need to go to the bathroom.

15) On the top of my summer to do list is canning and pottery wheel throwing. 

16) My favorite movie is Gone With the Wind and my favorite artists are Joni Mitchell, John Denver, Jim Croce and Carly Simon.

17) I put clothes on my dog. I have a few sweaters, a turtleneck (like just the neck), and a yellow raincoat. 

18) Adam and I have an ongoing game of cribbage…thinking about making my next post about why Adam is a grandpa.

Live life like the old do – with years of wisdom knowing what’s really important. 


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