I have been trying to move to Bend, Oregon for a year now. This is the place I belong, and I will end up living here one day soon. Positive energy, so many activities, the weather is perfect, and the people are my soulmates. A typical day for me includes bringing up Bend at least three times to talk about how great it is, how “We don’t have that here in Milwaukee.”, and how I will be moving as soon as I can convince my live-in boyfriend (btw, when will that man propose?).

My current obsession: buying a travel trailer. I have been researching travel trailers for a full 24 hours and narrowed it down to a few key features. We’ll need about 21-26 feet, no holes in the walls, floral upholstery, oak cabinets, and a king bed is desirable but not a necessity (our flannel polar bear sheets are king size so…). My plan of attack is to purchase something modest that needs some TLC, fix it up with some family help, and drive it from Milwaukee to Bend. I image we’ll hook up at a camp and pay a few hundred bucks each month. I actually wasn’t the one who even suggested this brilliant idea- Adam (the bf) was. So basically he’s all in…right.


“I have had this urge to be a gypsy for a while now, and this archer needs adventure.”


My family will not take me seriously when they hear this idea because I do not have the best track record for following things through. I am a passionate person and I get stuck on things easily. The more you know the better, so research is important for any idea you ever have. Therefore, I research and “obssess” over different things from time to time (but not boys. NEVER chase boys!). I know I jump from one idea to another, and only time will tell. Deciding to save money for the trailer instead of buying whatever Leandra Medine tells me is “having a moment” will be telling. This one may just stick though. I have had this urge to be a gypsy for a while now, and this archer needs adventure.

Top five reasons I believe I will be living my best life and be my best self in Bend:

1) Positive energy and healing crystals. No judgements here. Everyone’s here to be outdoors and live everyday to its fullest. They don’t care what car you drive and if you have the latest gear. Just do you and be outdoors. (I am currently working on this about myself. I like to think of myself as not materialistic, but I know my love for clothes pulls me a different direction).

2) Everyone brings their own grocery bags and is vegan (okay, so not everyone). Bend is accommodating for my dietary restrictions. The general culture promotes wellness and (most) people don’t think you’re a weirdo when you won’t drink or eat out of plastic.

3) My soulmates live here. The people, the people, the people. Those are my last three reasons…just kidding, but there is something in the air here (besides Juniper trees)!

4) The great outdoors. I want to learn everything there is to know about outdoor activities and sports. I want to try them all. Growing up in Wisconsin, we are of course outdoors every chance we can get, but the mountains bring variety and the weather accommodates more often.

5) Living the American “Dream”. My dream includes mountains with snow, and sunny weather below (that rhymes), an understated living space, and a job that doesn’t suck your soul….OH, and also a blonde wiener dog and brunette partner.


My goal for the rest of the trip (did I mention I am currently on a trip in Bend?) is to not talk about travel trailers to Adam all day long…and also get as many stamps on Bend’s Ale Trail (I’ll be drinking cider) as possible. Wish me luck!


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